About Divine Spark

Inspired by the Word of God, Religious and Lay people, have formed a family under the banner "The Divine Spark" . Divine Spark, which is based on Franciscan spirituality was inaugurated on 1st April 2012 . It is a movement of people who have experienced the Love of God and are willing to share their Divine-Love-Experience with others due to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Thus guided by the Holy Spirit, who is the true and ‘Eternal Divine Spark’, the members seek to carry out the commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ of spreading the Good news and to build the Kingdom of God.

We operate from St. Anthony’s Friary church, Bangalore with the spiritual guidance of the Spiritual animator and the Parish Priest. Divine Spark comes under the umbrella Franciscan family know as “Franciscans One in Christ United in Service” - FOCUS. We revere the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and celebrate His Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus on the 3rd January of every year. This is our feast day. Every year we operate with a Theme that will drive all our activities. The theme of this year 2020 is “Faith expressing itself through Love” - Galatians 5:6c

Themelios - The Foundation Program

Divine Spark conducts a Foundation course of Christian faith by a program called “Themelios”. This program covers the following modules: Word of God, Salvation, Map of Life and Kingdom of God. The course takes about 16 weeks to complete with a 2 hour session every week. We have rolled out this course to our Divine Spark family, Infant Jesus Church pious groups and during these days of 2020 we are rolling it for the Divine Spark Seekers group. This program will be conducted periodically to enable new participants to know our faith foundations.

Bible Studies

The Divine Spark team conducted a Systematic Bible Study of all the four Gospels using the Threshold Bible study pattern. This was conducted for about a period of three years for the Parishioners and Divine Spark family members. After the Gospel study, we have taken the Epistles of Paul with the letter to Philippians and Colossians. Other Bible studies included study of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Grace and Mercy and Sufferings.

Adult Catechism

To help the adults who are getting Baptised understand the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Divine Spark conducts this program to explain the catechism. This program has two variants, a short version which is conducted for five to six weeks (2 hours per week) and a longer version which goes for months going into the depths of the catechism.

Alpha Programs

Divine Spark has conducted Alpha programs in collaboration with Alpha India, Bangalore. The following are the type of Alpha programs that are conducted:

1.  The Alpha course - a practical introduction to Christian faith by Nicky Gumbel. - 2012
2.  The Alpha course - A Life Worth Living by Nicky Gumbel. - 2013
3.  Alpha Youth - 2020

You can reach us, if you are interested to participate in our Alpha programs.

Seekers Sunday Program

Divine Spark encourages people who seek to know Jesus Christ and provide support in knowing him. This support program is called a Seeker Sunday program. Seeker Sunday program is conducted during January of the year for three weekends for 2 hours per week. This program provides an opportunity for believers and non-believers to get to know about Jesus Christ and also to get their questions about Christian life and about Jesus Christ answered.

Intercessory Prayer

Divine Spark gives a prominent focus on intercessory prayer. We have the following forums where people can join and intercede in prayer for others intentions:

Burning Bush Prayer Group : Burning Bush Prayer Groups are small groups of 4 to 5 Divine Spark members from different places forming an intercessory prayer group to pray for various intentions once in every week. They all connect together using conference calls (like Google Meet) and pray for prescribed intentions for about half an hour. Also they fellowship together and build a good relationship with each other.

Healing Service : Healing Service is conducted in the Parish Church once is a week (mostly on Wednesdays) for about two hours. There will be Praise and Worship, Word of God Message by a preacher, Eucharistic Adoration, anointing with Oil and Benediction. Prayer intentions and thanks giving intentions are received from the Parishioners for intercession prayer.

Weekly Intercessory Prayer : Every Saturday morning, Divine Spark conducts Intercession prayer as a complete family for about one and half hours. This intercession prayer includes Divine Mercy Chaplet, Interceding for all the requests received during the healing service and praying using the Jesus Rosary.


During some occasions Divine Spark had conducted retreats in St Anthony’s Friary Church for uplifting the Spiritual level of the Parishioners. This includes Lenten retreats, Healing and Deliverance retreat, Evening retreats and Holy Spirit retreat.

Christmas Fest

Every Christmas, Divine Spark conducts a variety of programs during the Christmas season. These programs include Flashmob, Carol singing, Christmas good news sharing, Awarding renowned contributors of the Parish, preaching the gospel to the guests who are flocking our Parish on the Christmas and the New year days, distributing free materials on Jesus Christ and also presenting them with Christmas cakes.

Outreach Programs

Divine Spark team conducts outreach programs to support Orphanages, Mentally Challenged homes, Old-age homes, Leprosy homes etc. Our team participates with the inmates in their sufferings, pray for them, bring some amusements and gifts to them to make them joyful.

Weekly Schedule
St Anthonys Friary Church

Sat : 7 AM - 8.30 AM Intercessory Prayer (Online)
5 PM - 7 PM Bible Fellowship (Online)
Sun : 5 PM - 7 PM Catechism (Online)

Infant Jesus Church

Sun : 5 PM - 6:30 PM Bible Study (Online)


85, Hosur Rd, Kaveri Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095